It all started back when a man called Danforth Richmond had the idea to build a corner grocery store back in 1815. It was a popular local store for its time that provided the people of Tolland virtually anything they required except from dental work.  This corner store lasted an amazing one hundred and fifty years continuing its success throughout.

This store had 2 floors and was, at some point, home to Charles Sterry's harness making and repair shop. Before that though the second floor was occupied by Henry Underwood who used it as a workshop for his inventions. Going back even further now, Sergeant and Dresser used the second floor of this corner store to create hoops for hoop skirts. Not only was this corner store one man's business idea but was also playing host to other citizens ideas and businesses from across towns. This is what makes this building a historic favorite for Tolland, it may not of been there since the beginning but when it was, it provided for the town and the people living within it.

The Cloughs owned the Red and White grocery store through the 1930s to the 1950s and it continued to be a favorite. Through this time it was a very popular spot for the men of Tolland to meet up and hang out either around the stove in the building or outside on the porch. This however stopped when the store unfortunately shut down in the 1960s.

The local grocery store was now transformed into an antiques and gift shop by Charles and Ruby Luce and was the home of the Homestead Gift Shop.